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Product Name: Instant Backlink Magic – Push Button Backlink Tool

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Do you spend countless hours writing and submitting articles, setting up profiles and
creating Web 2 links just to gain a few cheap links for your site?

As an Internet Marketer, do you have time to waste on these menial tasks while
your competitors are taking your potential customers and making money you
should have?

Are you frustrated by how much work goes into getting great backlinks that willboost the ranking of your websites on the most prominent search engines?

Let’s be honest… submitting boring articles, setting up time-consuming profiles
and creating those slow social links for backlinks just plain SUCKS!

Instant Backlink Magic is the exciting new software that is GUARANTEED to
create fresh and quality relevant-to-niche backlinks to your website. As you
know, relevant links is the NEW SEO.

Now you can push one MAGIC BUTTON for permanent 1 to 7 PR backlinks that
are ready to leave a backlink to your site and increasing your site’s PR and
rankings overnight!

Let Instant Backlink Magic do all the work by finding the links Google can’t stop
but LOVE, backlinks that will squeeze your site to the top of the Google Index!

I’ve heard all about it… all that hype, promising you sky high rankings with a
push of a button… Poof! And you’re ranking number one for your keyword.

When I first developed Instant Backlink Magic, I never planned to release it
publicly. I developed Instant Backlink Magic for two reasons:

1. To find high quality and page-ranked backlinks for myself and to rank
my own websites.

Backlinks that otherwise would have taken hours and days even for the most
badass SEO expert, can be done all on hands-off autopilot with this
software… and you don’t need to drain your bank account to afford the best
proven working way to rank your website.

Instant Backlink Magic is like having your own SEO Expert working for you
full time…

I’ve walked in your footsteps…
Working day and night trying to make a living online and ranking my niche sites….
It’s not been easy at times, I can tell. But with Instant Backlink Magic you really
can find the juciest, freshest and highest quality EDU and Dofollow backlinks Google can’t stop but loving.
You can even turn great profits by selling the links you find, just like I did before releasing this software I’ve kept in my pocket for months.

But down the road, it’s all about the Pareto Principle, or for geeks in house, the
80/20 rule: Roughly 80% of all your traffic will come from 20% of your backlinks.
The more quality backlinks, the more quality traffic.
Unlike many other markerters, I actually advice against hiring expensive SEO freelancers to build worthless forum profiles for backlinks, nor do you need
to write hundreds of articles only for the article directories to feed of.
With Instant Backlink Magic, it’s all done for you with a push of a button.Now that’s what I call MAGIC!

Instant Backlink Magc sold over 2,500+ copies the very first week it was released internally as a WSO on the Since then, the software been
packed with new features and more advanced engine.
It won the “Best Backlink Software of 2012” prize and was awarded
“WSO Of The Day” by Mike Lantz, CEO of WarriorPlus.

To show you how confident I am in what Instant Backlink Magic can contribute
to your Internet Business success (and how serious I am about it too), I am
going to assume the entire risk of your investment with a 60 day test-drive
with full money back for your time.

Login, download and setup Instant Backlink Magic and you too will discover the
magic of relevant and high quality backlinks. If it dosen’t meet your strict
expectations for any reason at all, you have my contact info in the footer…
I cannot keep the money of an unhappy customer.

Mike, open the gateway to unlimited backlinks and give me instant access
to Instant Backlink Magic right away!

I understand that this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER and that I need to ACT NOW
if I want to get in on what is GUARANTEED to be the biggest website ranking
software EVER!

And to PROVE to me that this is all real, I understand I’ll receive instant access
to get going RIGHT NOW and will be ready to increasing my website rankings by tomorrow morning PLUS a TWO MONTH guarantee in case I change my mind or
don’t like this course for ANY reason.

Windows 8, 7, XP Compatible

P.S. Remember that there is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. With my no-question
100% Money Back Guarantee, it’s the safest road you can EVER take and gain instant access now to
the world of easy backlinks while the price is low!

P.S.S. If you haven’t pressed the download button yet, let me give you one more thing to think about:Will You Do It Now or Later? Because If you act now, right now, you can begin pushing your rankings
this second and you will be ready to increase your website rankings by tomorrow morning. However,
if you are one those later-type-of-guys, yes we all know the lazy one in us, how much link juice are you
ready to lose by putting this offer aside and continuing to watch TV, or aimlessly surfing the web or playing
video games? Download Now!

Quick FAQs:Q: Will Instant Backlink Magic find dofollow backlinks?A: Yes! Dofollow links found by Instant Backlink Magic are real blogs with
CommentLuv enabled, which convert your last blog post into a dofollow link
ready to be your backlink.Q: Does IBM support different languages?A: Yes! Instant Backlink Magic finds fresh commentable blogs in English,
French, Spanish, Dutch, Netherlands, Italian, British, Russian, Canadian and
Australian English (new languages regularly added).Q: Are the blogs found by IBM spammed like most of blogs found by
rother tools?A: No! Blog posts found by Instant Backlink Magic are made within 24 hours to
one week and are totally fresh and non-commented. That’s the magic of IBM:
Fresh, non-spammed, relevant and high-quality backlinks ready to pass link juice
and increase your website rankings in no time!

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Click here to get Instant Backlink Magic – Push Button Backlink Tool at discounted price while it’s still available…

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