Resurge Supplement Review😇😇 My Honest Review 2020 ⛔❌ I lost $$$$ (Watch Now!)

Resurge Supplement Review😇😇 My Honest Review 2020 ⛔❌ I lost $$$$

Product Name: Resurge

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Description: In this resurge supplement review, I will tell you what no other resurge supplement review dont, My honest review 2020 will help to show you not to choose a RIP OFF or cloned website. I lost $$$$ while ordering my bottles of the resurge supplement and that is why I had to make you aware of resurge supplement scams. No one likes to be conned.💵
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This review video is to guide all men and women that might be looking to use resurge so that they can stay away from the schemes that made me lose money!


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The pros and cons that i found while using resurge supplement for my self, I also can give you first hand experience that i trust that you will find of immense help.The resurge supplement is something you would want to buy and use for yourself after reading this review.

One advantage that I know my review has over other resurge supplement reviews is that i am not a teenager and most important i can not perform any form of physical exercise.
This is number one pro for me so you ask does Resurge work?
Yes I have tried many weight loss methods and endless diet plans,Diet shakes i was told are full of chemicals and only there to make you think that you are not hungry, i was always put off because pills and potions have never appealed to me because i did not know what chemicals and what reactions i may suffer.

Just like the thought of having a gastric band fitted (never),I spoke with my Doctor he said “if this is covered by any medical organisation then i will be safe to use, he explained that i take prescription chemical drugs daily my anti inflammatories plus the pain killers that i have to take, so why should i be worried about Pills”?
Fortunately this resurge supplement is covered by the FDA.⚖

Problem resolved, i started taking resurge supplement (cons) at first i thought i was not losing any body fat after two weeks i then realised that i was indeed losing fat and weight.

I am now not affraid to use the supplement for weight loss.

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Of all the things that I have tried, resurge is actually the first one that I am reviewing and this is because it is the first one that has worked for me without trying to exercise or feel like i am starving.

Let me just answer some previouly asked questions that I might not have mentioned in this review below here in this description so that you will understand.
What is resurge supplement? In short the supplement is one that helps the human body get the exact kind of sleep that it needs to actually help lose weight, from what I have seen people saying online, it does have some other health benefits apart from the fact that helps us lose weight but the only one thing I can testify to is the fact that it most definately helps with weight loss.
Once i have lost weight with resurge do i still have to keep taking the supplement?
No i keep a spare bottle just incase i start feeling bloated or just incase i may feel my clothes getting tighter.

How much weight did i lose?
Without exercise over a period of two months i personally lost 18kg

If i exercise will i lose weight faster?
I do not know as i can not exercise due to my injuries, however my doctor did advise me to try and walk a little further than normal only if i felt comfortable as this may help.

Can i eat normally after taking the supplement?
Yes depends on what you call normal? i now give myself a treat once a week ie the odd cake or packet of sweets (only if i need them).
I do miss out big portions of fries and bread. but meat and vegetables ok.

Do i have any before and after pictures?
No, the reason why is that i really did not think that i would be able to drop so much weight, i am very pleased with the results.

Would i take reurge supplement again?
Yes i do not know why i did not do this in the first place.My own stupidity of listening to my self and others who told me that pills would never work.
We live in a world full of chemicals i should have known better.

Was i a big eater before taking resurge?
No just average meal sizes and a couple of cereal snack bars a day.

Did i drink much alcohol before resurge?
On average 8 beers a week.(pints). ordinary ale type beer not lager or cider.
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