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Survive Coast Guard Boot Camp – #1 USCG Boot Camp Preparation Site => Visit The Official Website Here

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Greetings to all active duty, reserve, auxiliary, the past, the present, and especially FUTURE Coasties!

For those of you who have served or are serving, I want to thank you for your service. This web site is primarily designed to assist Coast Guard recruits in their quest to prepare for the challenges of Coast Guard Basic Training.

Is the best, FREE online Coast Guard boot Camp Preparation Resource! Here, you can find everything you need to help you prepare for Coast Guard Boot Camp. You can check out helpful articles on physical preparation and mental preparation, get the best-selling the Survival Guide and Fitness Success Program geared toward your fitness level. You can even find links to other Coast Guard resources.

I am dedicated to giving you all the tools you need to help you succeed in USCG Basic Training. Please, feel free to scroll down to learn more about the specific aspects of the preparations for the USCG Boot Camp, or read about what is expected of the Coast Guard Boot Camp 2019.

If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist you. My e-mail is: (On a side note, I hate SPAM in my email inbox as much as I hate that on my plate. Long story short, your e-mail stays with me and to me.)

Enjoy the website. I hope it helps in some way.

The coast Guard-Required Knowledge Items: What They don’t Say

The morning of the PT in the Coast Guard Boot Camp AKA The Daily Training

Avoid This Common Mistake In Coast Guard Boot Camp

Counting of Repetitions During the Coast Guard Boot Camp Training

(It is different – and more difficult – so learn it now!)

Swimming In USCG Boot Camp

For Coast Guard Direct entry petty officer Training (DEPOT) Recruits

Last Minute Coast Guard Boot Camp Preparation

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(Acting) Secretary of Homeland Security: Chad F. Wolf

The commander of the Coast Guard: Admiral Karl L. Shultz

The deputy Commander of the Mission Support: the vice-admiral Michael F. McAllister

The Strength Of The Preparation, Commander: The Admiral Brian Penoyer

Commander: CAPTAIN Sarah “Kathy” Felger

Executive officer: CDR Scott Rae

Command Master Chief: CSCM David Pace

Training officer: CDR Mark Crysler

Regiment Officer: CDR Christopher Young

Battalion Officer: LTJG Matthew Navetta

My name is Martin and I am the man behind I attended Coast Guard Basic Training in 2012, and although I loved the experience when it was all over, I have to say that there are some really difficult points during the actual process itself. I’ve prepared as much as I could from the information that was available to me at the time, but there were so many occasions when I found myself saying, “Man, I wish I had known this before sending out!”. Of course, these surprises were intentional. The people that design the boot camp curriculum does not want you to know everything because knowledge is equal to the confidence. If you have a recruit that shows all you know, it’s hard to break someone like that and apply artificial stress on them.

Here is where the Survival Guide was born!

In the trenches of Cape May. I said to myself that when I returned, I would like to make a giant “dump” of everything and put it together in a organized format to help future recruits – and I did exactly that.

Since that time, the Survival Guide has been the subject of 4 editions, with the latest version 01 OCT 17. Each time there are changes to the way things are being done in Cape May, I adjust the sections of the Survival Guide accordingly. The reality is that the vast majority of this material has not changed forever. They do adjust things here and there from time to time, but most of it is filled with military and nautical tradition that dates back to a very long time. There is not much that you can adjust to try to win the information arms race that has had to face since the evolution of the internet. My goal is to continue being the #1 resource of information for the USCG recruits outside of the recruiters and officers of the USCG personnel involved with the recruitment process. If you want to read more about my story, you can do so on the about me page. If you want to check what some of his future teammates have said about the Coast Guard Boot Camp Survival Guide, you can do so here.

Survive Coast Guard Boot Camp – #1 USCG Boot Camp Preparation Site => Visit The Official Website Here

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