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Dear Friend-In-Need,The reason you are reading this page is because it has been divinely planned by the Universe.You are here for a reason.

You know there are no incidents that happen by sheer ‘luck’.Because you are reading this right now… It is proof you were guided here by something that is far beyond your control.This divine message has been waiting for your arrival, so please it read closely.

As you continue to read this letter, you will begin to experience secret revelations.

This will allow you to effortlessly tap into a state of peaceful harmony.

You will soon be able to understand how to command your manifestation abilities at will.And when you do… You will be well on your way to securing your financial future.

You will soon be enjoying the feelings of a deeper love in your intimate personal relationships.

You will be more self-confident and enjoy a higher level of self esteem.

You will be able to manifest anything you desire…  starting today…And that’s all because…

You Truly Deserve More In Your Life…

Life hasn’t treated you so well the last couple years, and maybe you have had difficulties getting what you wanted from your life ever since you were a child.

As an adult it seems like no matter what you do, you’re always struggling to pay off debts.

You feel responsible and you wished you had the money to pay off all your bills.

You hate living paycheck to paycheck. ​

You long to have enough extra cash to buy the things you want too. 

In your subconscious mind, you know deep down that this isn’t the BEST that life has for you… and it’s really making you spiral down emotionally, from time to time.

No one really knows how hard things are for you. You do your best to hide how bad things really are because you don’t want anyone to know.

Every day you put a 110% at work, but nothing you want ever seems to work out the way you planned. 

​You feel stuck in a dead end job and don’t feel appreciated and are not paid what you are worth.

You feel like no one understands what you’re going through. Even your friends, and family do not really understand how hard it is and how lonely you feel inside.You feel like a failure. 

That’s because you’re fed up with spending your hard earned money on law of attraction programs that didn’t deliver on their promises to make the law of attraction and manifesting work for you. 

Everything you tried to manifest what you really wanted in life… miserably failed.

I get it. You are not alone in this. I am here to tell you the real truth about…

​Why Manifesting Hasn’t Worked For You…

If you’ve ever heard of the book or watched the movie “THE SECRET” you may have experienced the thrill of learning about manifesting… and were excited to put manifesting to work in your life.

Sadly, most people don’t understand how manifesting works. They felt cheated when they saw how it worked for some people but NOT for them…

Maybe you tried manifesting and it didn’t work.

​The reason you are reading my letter right now is there is ​ABUNDANCE right here waiting for you.

All you need to know is how to tap into it.

I’ll show you what you don’t know and what you need to do to ​manifest ​immediate​ CASH​.

I’ll show you how to tap into the limitless potential for success in everything you do…

I’ll show you a little blueprint that lets (almost) anyone to get checks in their mail…

I’ll give you what you need to tap into the ability to manifest desires that is hidden inside you.

And the best thing is… manifesting what you want doesn’t take much time or effort either.

Anyone can tap into the law of attraction.

Anyone can tap into their ability to manifest what they want.

Remember earlier when I told you…Your ​subconscious maybe messing up your life?

Now​ let’s take a moment… 

I want you to THINK about this…  

Imagine… your life being being exactly like you’ve always wanted…

Imagine… you are living a better life… your dream life.

You know the life where you have all your greatest desires…Everything you hoped for and dreamed is ALREADY in your life right now. 

… Feeling happy because you have plenty of money to spare…

And never again feeling any stress ​when the next bill comes…

… Easily connecting with your lover and having the perfect relationship…Everything in your life is falling into place  and you are truly enjoying peaceful days that feel like heaven because you feel love from all the people who you are close to…

… Feeling healthy and energized with a stronger, fitter body… and feeling so good about the new, slimmer you… you secretly are thrilled to show off your slender body now…

I want you to know all this is possible for you.

And it doesn’t matter your sex or your age or the state of your finances, or how bad your love life is or even what job you are working on right now. 

In fact, once you know how to use the law of attraction to your advantage… 

​​Here’s Why Manifesting Is For You!


I’ll explain exactly how this works for you and what the book and the movie “THE SECRET” and other law of attraction programs didn’t tell you.

By now, I know you are serious about understanding how to manifest. 

That’s because you have read this far… 

You know the Universe brought you here to receive this important message that will change the rest of your life.

It is important that you know this. I don’t know how long I will keep this letter up.

So I urge you to keep reading…

Please pay close attention to what I have to share with you.

Are you ready to find out more about manifesting? OK.. let’s get started…

​“How I discovered the hidden truth about manifesting​ and how I found out why it didn’t work for me…”

​I’d like to introduce myself…Hi, I’m Ryan Philip, I’m a meditation practitioner and a professional life coach. I’m a strong believer in destiny and that’s why you’re here with me right now. I’m going to show you step by step how to activate your own limitless abundance in just 12 minutes a day.

In fact, just a few years ago…  I never would have dreamed I could be happy and live a good life.I doubted I would ever possess the ability to pay all my debts, or have plenty of money to travel.

I never thought I would purchase my dream home and have enough money for a safe and secure retirement.

All that came to me once I understood what I was doing wrong with manifesting.

Just a few short years ago, I was living a life filled with lack…Not enough money, I was single with no loving relationship and going to a job I hated..

My life wasn’t what I wanted.

Most of my adult life I struggled to pay the bills. At times, money was so hard to come by I had a payday loan number on my speed dial. To tell you the truth:

​I lived a life of lack from the day I was born.

Our family never had enough money.

As a child my favorite holiday was Christmas. 

This was the only time that I would get a present… even if it was a used toy some other child didn’t want. My Mom got my present from a donation box at the church.

I envied the other kids who wore new kicks, and played with remote controlled toys and got to go on summer vacations overseas…

The kids poked fun at me with my battered lunch box and second-hand clothes and shoes.

I wished I was also one of the “lucky ones” with parents who had plenty of money.

When I asked my Dad about this he would hug me close and say…

“Son, they just got lucky in life. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you what you want.”

My Dad worked really hard, but never got a decent pay raise. I remember my Mother would complain and wonder why he didn’t get the promotion someone else at work got.

Even today, I can still remember my Dad saying to me…

“It’s just life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t… you just have to do the best with what you’ve got.”

I was raised to work hard. I believed that if I worked hard enough I would change my life and provide a secure future for my family.

That’s how I found myself putting in 60+ hours a week… I hated my work and life.

I was always striving to make more money and show other people I was worth something.

I hated going to work because most of my coworkers were obnoxious and I had to be very careful with what I would say to stay out of trouble with the boss.

I knew I had to be careful to not get fired.

If I did, I would never be able to buy groceries, pay my bills, my mortgage, and my car loan. 

I knew in my heart, I couldn’t keep working from dawn till dusk for the rest of my life…

​…That’s when the worst thing happened…

I remember that fateful Monday morning I hated getting out of bed to go to work..

I had a flat tire on my car so I was two hours late getting to the office… and to top a bad day off that was the morning my manager asked me to report to his office.

As I sat down in his office, I prepared myself for the worst. I knew he would give me a reprimand for being late and a dock in pay for being late to work that morning…

But what came next shocked me so bad I couldn’t speak…

“Ryan, I know you work hard. But I’m sorry I’ve been told I have to let you go. We have been hit with big budget cuts. I want you to clean out your desk after you leave my office. The Payroll office will send you your last paycheck.”

I sat there in his office and couldn’t speak or move. I don’t know how I got up and left the office.

Later as I walked out the door carrying my box of personal items from my desk, an intense fear gripped me.

I didn’t know how I would pay the bills!

It was the worst day of my life.

I drove home in a daze… and feeling intense shame, horrible guilt and overwhelming anxiety.

Little did I know that being firing would change my life for the better.

This firing would set me up for something new the universe had for me.

I break the bad news about being fired…

I felt intense shame and I knew I had to tell them the bad news I’d been fired.

I was the family’s breadwinner.

I was under even more pressure to make money because the family had missed a few payments on bills and had stretched the credit lines too….)

And I had just lost the job that kept our family from losing the home my Dad had worked his whole life for…

As I walked in the door I yelled, “Dad, Mom, I’m home!”

Suddenly it felt like there was a 50 pound heavy weight pressing down on my chest… 

My heart started racing and beating faster and faster…

My vision got blurry. I started to feel dizzy. 

The room started spinning and I fell down.

I heard myself saying… “What’s happening to me? I can’t control my legs…”

That’s when I fell to the floor with a big… *THUD*

My mother came running and cried “Ryan!…What’s the matter with you?”

She screamed to my Dad… “Quick call the ambulance NOW!” 

As I feel my head hit a sharp corner of the bench and I lost consciousness.

​… makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck…

At first everything was dark as black as night… but then a bright light suddenly appeared.

My vision was filled with a bright healing light… like nothing I had ever seen before.

I was in a warm peaceful place,I could only describe it as if I were in Heaven.

As I lay conscious on the living room floor… I felt miraculously transported to a beautiful and peaceful heavenly place.

There were intense colors like I had never seen before.

There were golden buildings so splendid and magnificent couldn’t even describe them to you. 

It was like I was floating in a world of heavenly bliss.

I felt no burdens weighing me down anymore.

…All my worries about money were gone…

…All my feelings of sadness, shame and guilt faded away…

…All my past regrets… dissolved like soap bubbles that break in the air!

…All my drive and feelings of purpose about my life seemed to not matter to me anymore.

I remember seeing waves of heavenly light…

As I reached out to embrace the warmth of complete acceptance and heavenly love…

The bright light dimmed and my beautiful vision slowly started to fade away…

As the warm glowing heavenly light disappeared I saw myself being ‘pulled’ away…

In desperation I stretched out my hand towards the comforting hand I saw in the heavenly light.

Then everything that happened the day of my firing came rushing back into my mind.

After 12 long days lying in a coma… I finally woke up!

As I lay in the hospital bed I groaned in agony… why did the heavenly powers reject me? 

Why was I sent back to this world after my spiritual encounter?

That’s when I saw was the clock that was on the table next to my bed.

The Clock Read “11:11”… 

I had to figure out what happened to me and why I was returned to this world.

It was during this time of recovery as I was lying in the hospital, I felt a strong need to start to look deeper about life and reflect on why I had seen a glimpse of Heaven. 

I knew deep down, it was no coincidence…what happened to me…happened for a reason.

So I wrote down what I could remember from my heavenly experience.

It was during this time that I discovered something few people ever know.

It’s the truth about the…

​​“Secret of Vibrational Cognizance”

One day I was researching and found a book about ​Rennard, who is a neuroscientist.

He is also a professor of spiritual philosophy and as I read about his work I got excited… 

His spiritual philosophy and neuropathy work spans decades of intense study researching cognitive science and how our brains and subconscious work.

​Rennard became an expert on the philosophy of mind and how phenomenology works to activate the law of attraction and manifesting what we want.

One of the key areas he studied was how the act of deep meditation, and certain specific frequencies of sound waves work to activate certain parts of our brains and trigger thoughts in our subconscious minds.

​We connected and I shared with ​Rennard my memories of my heavenly encounter.

He shared with me the studies about devoted monks and other people who were expert meditators and how they could perfect the memory experience of near death encounters.

These devoted monks and expert mediators have meditated for years to reach the ultimate ‘zen’ level of spiritual enlightenment.

So what do I mean by a ‘Zen Experience’?

Many of these devoted monks and expert meditators have been able to learn how to change the inner workings and circuitry of their brains and tap into their subconscious minds.

You may have heard it referred to as “Neuroplasticity”.

Their brains have been trained to experience an enhanced focus, a more intense memory, a better ease for learning, a higher consciousness, with a deeper level of “neural coordination”.

Researchers have found devoted monks and experienced meditators feel no anxiety, no depression, or any addiction of any kind.

I was so intrigued by what ​Rennard wrote, I spent the next couple of years learning to meditate from the true spiritual leaders and experienced monks in the Himalayas.

It was truly a life-changing journey.

What I learned from the Himalayan monks enabled me to experience greater health, stronger focus and opened the door to a lifetime of financial confidence and abundance!

What The Himalayan Monks Taught me…

How to visualize what I wanted. 

Here’s how it works: I want you to close your eyes and do as I say…

“Don’t think of a purple elephant’.”

Repeat after me, “I am not thinking of a purple elephant.”

What was the first thing you saw in your mind?  

You imagined a purple elephant!

What someone tells you makes you see it in your mind’s eye. When this happens your subconscious mind is overcoming what your brain is telling you to do.

​Your Subconscious Mind is Circumventing Your Wishes…

It’s really hard to stop doing something when the only instruction your brain gets is to stop doing something.  

For some reason, our brains automatically want to go there or see what the subconscious tells it to!

This is known as the “ironic process theory’’. This is when deliberate attempts to contain and suppress your thoughts make them more likely to surface.

You see… What you imagine, including all those negative thoughts of lack are are responsible for keeping you away from achieving the ultimate results you’ve always wanted in life.

​The Secret of the “Vibrational Cognizance…”

I discovered that we’re all made up of tiny little atomic particles.

All those little particles are not static, each particle is moving and vibrating at their own unique speed.

All of these particles vibrate at various speeds to form their own unique frequencies.

Everything that is in existence and even our thoughts vibrate at its own frequency.

Did you know that most of the people around you vibrate at a low frequency?

In fact, up to 80% of the people you meet every day are vibrating at a low level!

So is it any wonder having all these low frequencies bouncing off you makes you more likely to attract being fired or experiencing a power outage, or ill health or a being in a car wreck?

These low frequencies are negative frequencies of lack.

Similarly, the reverse is true.

If you carry a high frequency with you, your best desired outcomes will follow.

You could win it big at the lottery, or be moving into your dream house or enjoy being selected over others during job promotions. 

The only way to embrace higher frequencies and higher levels of vibration is for you to allow your self-cognizance to be transformed.

You do this by entering an enlightened meditative state called “the pinnacle state”.

​What is The Pinnacle State?

The Pinnacle State you will tune your body and mind to a higher frequency for more positive thoughts and feelings.

Being in the Pinnacle State will allow you to more easily raise your vibration to a higher level so manifesting comes easier to you.

The Pinnacle State is a state where you know how to activate your natural ability to easily attract financial success, money and the right connections.

You discover how to easily manifest anything you want.

The Pinnacle State will produce inside you a feeling of overflowing joy, harmony and peace and will help to release any feelings of anxiety, stress and emotional turmoil.

Here’s what I discovered about the Pinnacle State…

You and I have the natural
ability to enter the Pinnacle

This is why devoted monks trek up to the mountains to meditate.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to become a monk or spend over thousands of hours in deep meditation to achieve the Pinnacle State.

You need to be able to quickly enter a deep meditative state to be able to manifest!

That’s why, I have partnered with an expert Cymatics Engineer to replicate the exact same sound frequency as the devoted monks enjoy while in deep meditation in the mountains.

​Simply by listening to the right frequencies anyone can enter into the Pinnacle State……Without any hard work or effort…Without any prior meditation experience…Without having to study to learn deep meditation

​What I ​Found Next Really Shocked Me

After learning about the Pinnacle State I had to put what I learned to the test.

You probably haven’t heard of a bizarre plant experiment where students ‘bullied’ one plant and ‘praised’ another plant.

The students were told to record both positive and negative comments including playground taunts by children.

The students used kind words on one plant and verbally bullied the other plant using a computerized voice.

Look at the results after 30 days!:

The plant that received bullying appeared yellow with drooping and dying leaves.

The other plant that was praised was growing beautifully.

I decided to conduct a similar experiment of my own. 

Both plants were given the same amount of sunlight exposure, water and nutrients.

The only difference was one of the plants was exposed to my Thought Manifestation program and the other was not.

You can clearly see the plant that was tuned in to the higher frequency levels grew beautifully!

My next experiment was in buying and reselling Real Estate using my Thought Manifestation Program.

​I’ve always wanted to invest in the real estate market.But my negative thoughts had primed me with the negative thoughts I would never be able to succeed because I kept thinking of my past failures.

​I decided to use the Thought Manifestation Program.

Guess what? I took the deal. What happened next was simply amazing!

I easily completed the renovation on my house, and put the house up for sale.

I didn’t think it would sell quickly, but I thought if it fetched a good price, I was willing to let it go.

So I posted the house for sale with a Real Estate Broker.

The very next morning the Broker called me to tell me he had several serious buyers wanting to look at and buy the house. 

I remembered I was meditating and listening to the recordings the night before and I wanted to make sure I was tuning myself to the higher vibrations… and it worked!

I quickly sold the house at the price I had in mind!

Things finally started working for me.

Listening to the Thought Manifestation Program was actually working!

Month after month, I’d find similar deals to renovate and sell off for a good profit.

I was listening to the recordings to raise my vibration levels to attract the right people, right deals and at the right time.

My renovation sales grew rapidly!

And I was all set for a lifetime of financial success!

​My ​Life ​Has ​Really ​Changed ​For ​The Better!

It was like a huge wave of blessings came into my life. 

I felt I could manifest good renovation home deals anytime I wanted one. 

I bought my dream 4 bedroom apartment at an incredible offer shortly after. 

I became their envy of other people with my new luxurious Italian ride too!

Then something happened and things started to get a little ‘whacky’ after a while.

For some strange reason, I wasn’t able to get the same results anymore.

It was as if I lost the ‘midas’ touch with my deal making!

No matter how much I meditated, listened and even prayed, manifesting was failing me.

In fact, I had to let go of my investments one by one, and this was painful for me to do.

I couldn’t help but wonder to myself…

“What’s going on! Why isn’t this working for me anymore?

“I’m so confused and don’t know what to do!” 

Then one day as I was sitting by a cafe, having a coffee and I saw a note that read…

​“We are rich only through what we give…”

That hit me right in my gut!

I had been enjoying all the wealth for years now and I wasn’t giving enough back!

I made copies of my Thought Manifestation Program recordings.

I gave them to my friends and family to use too.

I was amazed when they started experiencing the exact same results that I had.

Other people heard about it and came to me requesting copies of the recordings.

One guy told me he had paid off a 6 figure debt and his health was better too. 

That’s when I reconnect with ​Rennard again. When I told him what had happened to me we decided to verify the results. We wanted to see the physical reports for how the thought recordings worked on the brain under a medical MRI scan.

​What we saw next blew our minds!​

Here’s what we found; within minutes of listening to the recordings, people with no prior meditation experience showed brain scans similar to those of an expert meditator!

It was absolutely exhilarating!

To follow up we interviewed the test subjects we had scanned months later. 

They all told us their lives had been transformed for the better but only when they consistently listened to the recordings for a minimum of 12 minutes every day! 

It took me years of effort to put these custom programmed audio recordings together. Dr. Rennard and I conducted countless tests to prove these subliminal audio recordings work… to deliver REAL RESULTS!

Today, I’m offering you the unique experience to manifest a lifetime of financial success, improved health and the ability to create your dream life.

All you need to do is listen to the audio recordings from the comfort of your home, and it only takes 12 short minutes a day!

You simply sit back and relax in your favorite chair and listen your way to success that’s beyond your wildest imagination… and you can start in the next few minutes!

There’s no prior meditation experience required either.

You simply push a button to listen and relax as you kick start a better way of life.

​The ​Thought Manifestation Program!

The Thought Manifestation Program is a cutting edge zen inducing sound technology that easily bypasses your negative thoughts and brings your vibration levels UP!

It’s 100% guaranteed to work to make manifesting anything you want much easier to do!​

You can enjoy higher financial success, closer intimate relationships, and improved success in all areas of your life using the simplest and fastest way possible – by listening to an audio recording only 12 minutes a day!

In The Thought Manifestation Program you will receive life-transforming audio recordings to push your vibration levels up quickly and boost your ability to manifest.

You will ​possibly experience what many people describe as ‘magnetizing’ your way into success!

The Thought Manifestation Program does all the work for you.

You only have to follow these simple steps to start on this journey to a better life:

Step #1: Go to the Member’s Area.

Step #2: ​Access the audio recordings.

Step #3: Sit back, relax and enjoy listening to a recording before you sleep. That’s It!

You simply listen for 12 minutes every night before you go to sleep.

And when you do, you open the door to the magical universe of manifesting anything you want anytime you want.

The Universe will bring you more wealth, better health and a deeper love.

You will experience new opportunities that for no particular reason just seem to show up in your life all the things you dream you can enjoy. 

The possibilities are ENDLESS…

Imagine your life like this just days from now:

Clearing all your debts…

Enjoying living in a home you love…

Enjoying a dream vacation with your loved ones…

Buying your dream car and still having enough money to spare!

Now I don’t expect you to believe me on just my word… 

I want you to take the time to read what other people who tried the program had to say about how it changed their lives….

Look at what John has to say about his experience…

And there’s Lori read what she had to say…

Here’s what James wrote to me about how much happier he is now:..

Jane is enjoying new hope and a more positive attitude now….

Paula, lost weight, reconnected with her Dad and is much happier!

Bobbie started a new business and has an exciting future….

There are many more success stories in my files.. Isn’t it time you were one of them too?

The Thought Manifestation Program has been proven to work.

Listen to the program recordings just 12 minutes a day and you transform your life, fulfill that higher calling and finally get the abundant life that you’re always meant to live.

Yes, it’s true! Regardless of your age, anyone who has tried The Thought Manifestation Program are glad they did! 

Now you are probably wondering… how much does it cost?

OK, that’s a fair question, I’ll answer your question in a moment. But first, let me ask you this…

If you had something that allows you to be able to manifest so you can live an abundant life with more wealth, better health, and a deeper more satisfying love connection and true happiness…Would you want it?

How much is having all those wonderful things worth to you?

People who have used The Thought Manifestation Program have received pay raises and some found the love of their lives and moved into the homes they always dreamed to live in.

And all they did was listen to the 12 minute audio recording so they could more easily tap into their ability to manifest anything they wanted.

I want to thank you for spending this time with me today.

I know there is a reason you are still here reading this… The universe wants you to manifest your greatest desires!

I’m giving you the ultimate secret to transform your life for more success, happiness and abundance.

It took me seeing Heaven to push me to discover this and share this with you.

I know my true purpose for coming back to this world was the Universe wanted me to write this letter so you could get this program so you could live a better life too. 

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of The Thought Manifestation Program with a push of a button and you can listen anywhere, anytime that you want too.

To ensure your success… I’m giving you a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee!

I want You to Try It For 60 Days…With My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Because I appreciate the time we had together today, I’m giving you a full 60 days to try the Thought Manifestation Program. 

All I ask is you put my program to the test for yourself. Listen to the recordings in your own home for 60 days. If the program is not all that I say it is, simply email me for a full no questions asked refund. 

You will get 5 Premium Bonus Gifts to help you quickly boost your manifesting so you are sure to reach your goals EVEN FASTER!

Premium Bonus Gift #1: Ultimate Theta Bundle

​This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will receive immediate access with zero ​shipping time!

The first premium gift is The Ultimate Theta Bundle. This bundle uses theta waves to erase emotional turmoils and past hurts to free you to manifest more easily.

Simply listen to the Ultimate Theta Bundle and you will experience a release of past emotional heart aches, grief and past regrets too. These recordings help to recalibrate the mind to improve motivation and boost long-term memory to help you get things done!

​The Theta Bundle contains a specially crafted 60-minute binaural recording for sleeping and waking up recharged and ready to start your day!

​​Premium Bonus Gift #2:  Stress Buster Program

​This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will receive immediate access with zero ​shipping time!

The Stress Buster Program helps you get rid of stressful and anxious feelings within 14 minutes! This stress buster recording works with the Enkephalin release in the brain for natural stress relief. 

You can listen to the stress buster recording anytime you need to release stress after a meeting, on the train or subway or anytime you want to release stress.

​Premium Bonus Gift #​3: ​Euphoric Sleep State Tracks

​This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will receive immediate access with zero ​shipping time!

According to statistics, many CEOs and high achievers sleep deeply and wake up at 6 am. 

So how do they wake up fully refreshed and mentally alert?

Simply listen to the Euphoric Sleep Recording! This Premium Bonus Gift helps you wake up the next day with a super-charged YOU to conquer the day! 

This works even if you can’t sleep well at night too. 

You’d be amazing to discover how it will help you to enter into slumberland, gracefully…as it helps the body to relax and promotes healing.

​​Premium Bonus Gift #​4: Conquer Addiction

​This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will receive immediate access with zero ​shipping time!

Let’s face it – addictions to substances can give you a ‘high’ or a ‘kick’ in life. But is it really a good idea to avoid problems and not solve your real life issues?

If you don’t beat this, you could lose your loved ones, your savings accounts dwindle to nothing and you may lose your home or car by not being able to pay your bills!

This recording was designed to help you unplug and uproot deep seated emotions. 

When you listen to this recording you will release more oxygen in the brain to help prevent the build up to toxic substances in the brain.

It gives you similar feel good ‘high’ feelings from substances without the emotional cost!

​Premium Bonus Gift #​​5: ​Money & You

​This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will receive immediate access with zero ​shipping time!

This final bonus gift program allows you to re-configure your subconscious to more easily receive more abundance in your life. 

This recording works to help generate positive vibrations for more success and works if you are working on a business, looking for the next promotion or looking to clinch that next big deal. 

Personally, I use this everyday before I step out of my house. I’ve tested it and found  good deals automatically come to me!

These original binaural tracks are not available anywhere else at any price.

But I’m giving you complete access to all of them today, absolutely free!

But only when you get the Thought Manifestation program right now.

​This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will receive immediate access with zero ​shipping time!

This special opportunity may only appear once in your lifetime… Remember you’ve read this far so you know you’ve been especially selected to receive this message now. 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:
…Why am I living from paycheck to paycheck?

… Why do I put up with a job I hate that isn’t the right job for me?

… Why am I facing the same health issues and nothing seems to get any better?

… Why can’t seem to shake off these addictions? 

… Why can’t I sleep well at night, and why am I worrying about money?

… Why do I keep having these arguments with my loved ones?

… Why isn’t my life turning out the way I want it?

If you have answered “YES! That’s Me!”…Then, you should give the Thought Manifestation Program a try.

Remember, the only ‘work’ you need to do is to be in that Pinnacle State.

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You can imagine the consequences of chemical burns and his hair was falling all over.

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​You could close this page and forget everything that I’ve said. Your life goes on and everything remains the same, nothing gets any better. 

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​This is a digital product. Images are for visualization only. You will receive immediate access with zero ​shipping time!

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